International Humanitarian Journal – Sophia Prima: dialogue of eternal recurrence.

The Millennium provides us with the latest extraordinary possibilities of knowing first and foremost for the development of the territory of the future of mankind. Referringto the allegories of Borges, when the comments are already written for all comments, interpolations of each book into all books are made – the universal search for the purpose of man, the mystery of his dignity and the truth of life begins again from the first “sheet” of the cuneiform and without vowels.

We invite the authors of our magazine to refer to Sofiy’s potential as an intellectual comprehension of the unique unity and differences of Genesis through eternal dialogues on the parallel world portals. Sophia symbolism of knowledge represents a sign of world of language and culture, civilization codes of human activity, helps to form optimal projects of social and economic transformations in the 3rd millennium. The basic principles of the formation of journalistic policy we define a tolerant approach to national and religious specificity in the results of research practice, dialogism as the creation of a semantic space of coexistence of thoughts and the provision of harmonious multiscale ideas, cognitive creativity and the principle of ontological optimism.

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